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Takoyaoi Love

Wriggly Bits and the Boys Who Love Them

Wriggly Bits and the Boys Who Love Them
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Hello and welcome! Before you continue though, there are a few things to take note of. This comm contains yaoi and tentacles.

Yaoi - male/male homosexual relationships. Boys kissing other boys.

Tentacles - long wriggly bits that go various places

It is strongly suggested that you be 18 or older to join this comm. Or at least mature enough not to spam or flame or whine. I apologize to everyone this doesn't apply to.

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What We're All About
A Tentacle Yaoi Community without the non-con. Because tentacles should be FUN.

That means, there will be no non-con/rape/ncs on this comm. If someone is saying 'No' and meaning it and being ignored, please don't post it here; tentacle_yaoi may be a better venue for it.

Whether they be from outer space, the ocean depths, a test tube, or anywhere else, if you have art or fic (fan or original), fic recs, anime recs (hey we can dream, right?), or tentacle questions in general, feel free to post.

We take anything from G on up, it certainly isn't required to be hardcore - as long as there are tentacles and yaoi(or bishounen) involved, it's all good.

Out Illustrious Name
The word 'takoyaoi' is a pun on 'takoyaki,' which is a golf-ball sized Japanese snack made from octopi. 'Takoyaki' translates as 'octopus balls'. We couldn't resist.